No. 10 -- Par 4
Black: 463 yards Gold: 449 yards
Blue: 427 yards Green: 413 yards Red: 351 yards
This par 4 is the longest on the golf course. You will need to hit a long tee shot that will leave you with a long iron to a large mounded green. Avoid the two large bunkers just short and right of the green.

No. 11 -- Par 4
Black: 422 yards Gold: 394 yards
Blue: 375 yards Green: 370 yards Red: 323 yards
This par 4 offers a generous landing area with a split fairway. For the shortest approach, favor the right side of the tee. Be careful when hitting to this mounded green. Errant shots will feed away from the putting surface.

No. 12 -- Par 3
Black: 150 yards Gold: 144 yards
Blue: 127 yards Green: 97 yards Red: 97 yards
This part 3's only defense is its severely undulated green. Approach shots should be left below the pin.

No. 13 -- Par 4
Black: 376 yards Gold: 360 yards
Blue: 339 yards Green: 309 yards Red: 270 yards
On this par 4, you will only need a long iron or fairway wood to reach the 150-yard marker in the fairway. You'll find trouble both right and left of this deep narrow green.

No. 14 -- Par 5
Black: 506 yards Gold: 499 yards
Blue: 480 yards Green: 463 yards Red: 413 yards
This par 5 is a reachable dogleg right. After placing your tee shot left of the fairway bunkers, you'll have to negotiate the two deep bunkers guarding the front of this large green.

No. 15 -- Par 3
Black: 203 yards Gold: 184 yards
Blue: 169 yards Green: 108 yards Red: 108 yards
This long downhill par 3 will require a middle to long iron approach to a very large mounded green.

No. 16 -- Par 4
Black: 425 yards Gold: 402 yards
Blue: 373 yards Green: 354 yards Red: 319 yards
This long par 4 will require two good shots to reach the green. Off the tee, you will need to negotiate the trees and bunkers in the center of the fairway. Your uphill approach will be a middle to long iron to the smallest green on the course.

No. 17 -- Par 5
Black: 535 yards Gold: 508 yards
Blue: 488 yards Green: 455 yards Red: 455 yards
This par 5 is reachable in two. After hitting a good tee shot down the right side, you'll be faced with a downhill approach to the green. Be careful, because the green slopes away from the fairway, so land the ball on the front edge and let it release to the pin.

No. 18 -- Par 4
Black: 363 yards Gold: 334 yards
Blue: 313 yards Green: 280 yards Red: 233 yards
The par 4 finishing hole gives you an opportunity to get a shot back. After a good downhill tee shot, you'll be left with a short iron approach to a green guarded by bunkers short.