No. 1 -- Par 4
Black: 410 yards Gold: 381 yards
Blue: 354 yards Green: 330 yards Red: 271 yards
This medium length par 4 has a split fairway. Your tee shot should be aimed at the 150-yard marker on the right side. The approach shot should be a middle or short iron to a deep green with a bunker and water left of the green.

No. 2 -- Par 3
Black: 140 yards Gold: 138 yards
Blue: 124 yards Green: 102 yards Red: 92 yards
This short par 3 features a true island green. Swirling winds near the green make club selection a real challenge.


No. 3 -- Par 5

Black: 559 yards Gold: 532 yards
Blue: 505 yards Green: 492 yards Red: 449 yards
Your tee shot on this par 5 should be played to the right side of the fairway. Your second shot must carry a creek that runs across the fairway to a narrow landing area. The approach is to a large undulated green, so keep it below the hole.


No. 4 -- Par 4
Black: 336 yards Gold: 309 yards
Blue: 298 yards Green: 268 yards Red: 268 yards
This short par 4 has plenty of trouble off the tee. After hitting a long iron or fairway wood to the right side of the fairway, you'll be left with a short iron approach to the deepest green on the course. Bunkers guard the green both right and left.


No. 5 -- Par 4

Black: 336 yards Gold: 317 yards
Blue: 295 yards Green: 273 yards Red: 217 yards
This short dogleg right once again requires accuracy off the tee. A long iron or fairway wood should be aimed at the right side of the fairway bunker. There is a severe drop off long and left of the green, so your approach should be played with caution.


No. 6 -- Par 4
Black: 389 yards Gold: 367 yards
Blue: 338 yards Green: 323 yards Red: 270 yards
The par 4 sixth hole requires a long tee shot down the left side of the fairway. This will leave you with a mid-iron approach to a large undulating green. Try to avoid the creek that wraps around the front and left side of the green.

No. 7 -- Par 3
Black: 202 yards Gold: 185 yards
Blue: 147 yards Green: 130 yards Red: 125 yards
This challenging par 3 leaves no room for error. The green is large and severely undulated with deep bunkers short and right.


No. 8 -- Par 5
Black: 554 yards Gold: 539 yards
Blue: 521 yards Green: 485 yards Red: 462 yards
This long par 5 requires a tee shot down the right side. After laying up, you'll be faced with an approach to a green that slopes away from you. All shots will release toward the middle of the green.


No. 9 -- Par 4
Black: 452 yards Gold: 434 yards
Blue: 423 yards Green: 336 yards Red: 336 yards
This long par 4 is the second-longest on the golf course. You will need to hit a long tee shot that will leave you with a long iron to a large mounded green. Avoid the two large bunkers just short and left of the green.