Society provides access to a collection of private clubs and premium benefits within the Austin-San Antonio area.

Give your Membership expanded local privileges.
  Members of River Crossing Club have the unique opportunity to enhance your existing club membership through the benefits of the Society of Lone Star Clubs. With Clubs strategically located around the Austin/San Antonio area Members enjoy expanded club benefits to over 25 of the finest clubs in the Austin/San Antonio area and access to many more Clubs and benefits when you travel, all with the convenience of one membership.
Monthly Benefits:


Members will also enjoy access and benefits to over 170 of the finest private clubs, golf courses, resorts and hotels when traveling outside the Austin/San Antonio area. With just one phone call to the ClubLine concierge staff you can take care of all your reservation needs. Whether for tee times, dining reservations, hotels, resorts or tickets, the ClubLine will help you make the most of your benefits. For a complete list of benefits and participating clubs visit The Society Website.
Members of River Crossing Club are invited to join the Society of Lone Star Clubs with waived enrollment fee for a limited time. For more information, monthly dues and to experience the Ultimate Level of Private Club membership contact your home club membership office for details and application.


Click here to download a complete list of Society clubs and properties and member privileges at each club!